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Body Rescue Bottle #001

Body Rescue Bottle #001

color: Blue/ Claret

energy center: Sixth and seventh energy centers (third eye or brow chakra, and crown chakra)


theme: Helps a person understand and accept that every day is a spiritual life. healer's bottle

positive personality: Knows his or her ideals and is able to realize them. Possess strong analytical skills, good charisma and leadership qualities. Whether that person is a man or a woman, there are strong masculine qualities.


Aspects that can be improved: There is a problem with women. Tendency to be psychologically hyperactive and negatively controlling others. Difficulty expressing oneself.


spiritual level: This bottle can help you combine with the life goals related to the nature of service. Help you let go of old beliefs.


psychological level: Helpful for poor memory, helpful for psychological overexcitement. Stimulation brings old memories to the surface and resolves them in a positive way.


emotional level: Provides emotional stability, especially during times of crisis. Helps overcome feelings of separation and connects you to your inner strength by loving yourself.


convinced: I am whole, I integrate every facet.

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