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Archangel of the Vow, Metatron #100

Archangel of the Vow, Metatron #100

color: Transparent/deep purple

when mixed together: Fuchsia

energy center: All energy centers


theme: Light that drives away shadows

positive personality: Help us see the most difficult part of ourselves, and help us to examine the inner relationship. There are certain things that block our inner awareness, and the Archangel, the Metatron, helps us to be aware of those blocks. This bottle represents a person who has suffered and who understands the circumstances and reasons for suffering, thereby releasing the deepest repressions. Helps those who put on a brave mask and pretend to be brave.


Aspects that can be improved: If it is difficult for people to face their inner dark side, to see their own truth, and to understand the inner unconscious power, then this bottle may help to shine light into all the above difficulties.   


Application area:The whole body, especially the back of the head, neck, around the temples and reflex areas on the soles of the feet (soles).

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