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Sophia #032

Sophia #032

color: royal blue/gold

when mixed together: Claret/Emerald Green

energy center: Third and sixth energy centers (solar plexus and third eye)


theme: impart inner truth

positive personality: Personal charm and self-cultivation. Give others warmth, support and attention. I feel calm. Learn about the forces of nature. Live in the moment. Able to communicate clearly with people. Lives a simple life; material things are not important to him. On the other hand, he can always get what he needs. And it can achieve what no one else can.


Aspects that can be improved: I don't know who I am. Feeling restless, often stressed, unable to be in the moment. There is a risk of substance abuse. The mind is filled with all kinds of fears, anxieties, expectations, and some fears in life.


spiritual level: Helps you overcome illusions and freedom from "lofty" ideals in order to move on to more practical spiritual goals. Let you know that human beings have the greatest creativity - the possibility of co-creating with God. Help you know who you really are.


psychological level: Provide you with a clear direction of thinking. Reduce "mind stress". Enhance thinking ability, reduce anxiety, increase tranquility.


emotional level: Make you break through after emotional stagnation. Helps to resolve the root problems and make you understand what is connected with the heart. Allows you to act instead of react.


Application area: Any part between the head and navel.


convinced: I let go of my fear and open to my inner wisdom.

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