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Zacharias Archangel of Peace (Zachariel) #109

Zacharias Archangel of Peace (Zachariel) #109

color:fuchsia/olive green

When mixed together:olive green with a splash of fuchsia

Energy Center:Can be used on the entire body, but is especially effective on the area above the stomach

theme:trust love from the bottom of my heart

Application area:every part of the body


    Archangel Zacharia brings us a new sense of hope and optimism and stimulates our creativity. He helps us develop a new kind of self-confidence when we have been lacking in it.

    The birth of this Archangel is related to the Condensed Presence of King Arthur, and when he works with the master Kuthumi, he leads us to our own light side, which is also revealed to us by the sage Pythagoras. When the yin and yang are in balance, a sense of oneness occurs.


Hidden in bottle number 2, the blue/blue calm, peace confirms that Sacharya is the Archangel of Peace and is also related to the 99 bottles of Tzadkiel, the Archangel of Harmony. He helps us regain a sense of dignity when we have been losing it.


    In Egypt, he was known as the god Amun. He blesses us and promotes harmony. He also presents us with a new vision, allowing us to look forward to the coming new era.

He helps to bring about emotional harmony and restore emotional balance, and can clarify our confused, confused thoughts. So he helps restore the possibility of balance to a mind that has been out of balance -- a sense of reorganization.


    Zacharia, like the gods Jupiter and Zeus, facilitates our expansion, creativity and reintegration, and inspires a sun-centered perspective of light. This brings the possibility of honoring the present moment as if approaching eternity. Go into the "here and now" with optimism based on intuition - your inner intuition.


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