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Open Sesame #083

Open Sesame #083

bottle name: open sesame

ID: #083 Open Sesame 


color: Turquoise/Golden Yellow

when mixed together: olive green


energy center: The second, third, fourth, fourth and one-half energy centers (dantian, solar plexus, heart chakra)


theme: old wine in new bottle


positive personality: Is a leader with ancient wisdom within, clearly and systematically elucidating this ancient wisdom for the new age. Has a deep vision for the future and the wit to realize it. Likes to communicate with many people, not just a few, and is able to do so. Being able to share knowledge with others, knowing that if you give more "information", you will get more "information". Can convey a deep sense of pleasure and enrich others. Begin to find "inner gold" through creative expression.


Aspects that can be improved: It is difficult to be in the present moment, because I still have a deep fear of the past in my heart. Even after dealing with these fears, extreme anxiety persists. He had been persecuted in the past, and his potential was suppressed because of it. Perhaps it should be said that life suppressed his potential. Manipulating and exploiting others, emotionally or otherwise, for self-interest, especially when power is involved.


spiritual level: Help to open the door of ancient wisdom, which is expressed through the heart and touches others. Release past feelings of spiritual persecution so that creative potential can be fulfilled.


psychological level: Inspires you to release the deep inner chaos while making you aware of what you are messing with. Art workers can also use this bottle to achieve balance in the process of experiencing the ups and downs of artistic creations (the joy in ordinary life, between the two extremes, brings you a sense of satisfaction.)


emotional level: Helps you understand your fears. Makes you less manipulative and more aware of yourself.


Application area: The whole body torso.


convinced: I open myself to my deepest joy in order to share it with others.

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