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Energy Rescue Vial #089

Energy Rescue Vial #089

Name of the bottle: Energy Rescue Bottle

Number: #089


color: red/deep purple

when mixed together: deep purple


energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)

theme: Gain healing energy


positive personality: A person with a lot of energy; determined, and often pours energy into others. Committed to quantifying performance into growth of awareness. Have overcome sexual difficulties and can use energy to heal others (shiatsu, acupuncture, etc.). Know how to use money and time. Problems that are difficult for others to solve are easy for him.


Aspects that can be improved: There is a big "sex" problem, all problems are related to this level. It is also difficult to cope with everyday life. Tendency to be irritable and rationalize. If he hurt someone because of his anger, he will justify the action.

spiritual level: Helps you awaken Kundalini energy, true self and inner divinity. Inspire healing energy. Promote personal growth.


psychological level: Help you make up your mind. Change the way you deal with external anger. At the same time, change your attitude towards money matters.


emotional level: Helps you cope with frustration and anger. Treatment of "sex" problems. Let go of resentment, especially related to relationships. Contributes to a severe lack of self-acceptance, especially when it is related to emotional issues.


Application area: Apply to the entire stomach and around the abdomen.


convinced: Energy follows inner intention.

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