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Energy Bottle #006

Energy Bottle #006

bottle name: energy bottle

color: red/red

when mixed together:red

energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)


theme: sacrificial love

positive personality: He is a very brave person, ready to love even in adversity. Possesses a great deal of vigor and magnetic attraction; feels a joyful sense of life. It feels like everything is going well. I don't feel any difficulty in material life.


Aspects that can be improved: There may be a tendency to indulge in material things. Especially for matters related to the material level, not very willing to take responsibility. Frustration, laissez-faire attitude in life; laziness and lack of interest in life.


spiritual level: To help you expand awareness through love, especially love in difficult circumstances. Allowing you to realize that loving another human being will help you love God more. Helping you become more capable of sacrificial love.


psychological level: To support you in the process of knowing yourself while loving more authentically. Help keep your feet on the ground.


emotional level: To help you give the best in your relationship; to help you overcome the anger caused by unrequited love; to recognize your inner desires, and to fulfill or release them. It also helps you overcome survival issues stemming from the difficult birth experience.


Application area: Any part of the body below the buttocks. Especially suitable for rubbing on the bottom of the feet.

convinced: Whatever I do will help my love grow in my life.


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