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Laozi and Guanyin #060

Laozi and Guanyin #060

color: blue/transparent color

when mixed together:light blue

energy center: The fifth energy center (throat chakra)


theme: Find a deep peace, so you can accept everything in your life calmly.


positive personality: Gained wisdom because the person is constantly checking himself and renewing his life. Connect with the deepest part of your being. Know that there are lessons to be learned from difficult situations. On the one hand, it has extraordinary calm and tranquil qualities, through which it can affect the environment very positively. On the other hand, talking to him was a joy. Ability to honestly assess one's own abilities. Easy to receive and therefore easy to give (e.g. support through listening). Very involved in the moment.


Aspects that can be improved: Giving too much, but not aware of excessive exhaustion. Feeling divided and out of center by caring too much about other people's opinions. Hide personal idiosyncrasies. It's hard to share what's important in your heart, most importantly those unshed tears. There is no sense of balance, which means that the person pays too much attention to detail.


spiritual level: Inspires a sense of calm. Lift restrictions. Helping the inner light to keep burning is to maintain the awareness that the inner can never be destroyed.


psychological level: Brings awareness to suffering from the unconscious, thus helping the person to avoid suffering. Make it easier for you to review yourself and support your positive growth.


emotional level: Soothes excessive impulse. Useful for expressing emotional difficulties.


Application area: Around the throat and neck.


convinced: I liberate myself from all limitations.

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