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Robin Hood #027

Robin Hood #027

color:Red Green

when mixed together: crimson

energy center: The first and fourth energy centers (root chakra and heart chakra)


theme: decisive

positive personality: Is a successful person, hard-working, very focused, energetic, and decision-making. Be firm and rely on yourself. Full of enthusiasm for life; courageous and sensual, brave to explore the unknown. Attributable to their own center, like harmony.


Aspects that can be improved: Having trouble feeling about one's gender refers to one's masculine or feminine nature. From a certain angle, it looks like a double personality. I feel that life is very difficult. Not in harmony with myself. There is a feeling of being "stuck in the mud and unable to move". I like to play tricks.


spiritual level: Promote metamorphosis. Get rid of the dilemma of being stuck on the spiritual level. Encourages you to more effectively follow your own life path and provides space for your soul to unfold. Awakens you to spiritual practice and its importance.


psychological level: Helps improve dual personality. Especially in the relationship that is still present, it has been too negative, which makes you more confident and firm.


emotional level: Helps overcome hurt and anger after a breakup or divorce. Empowers you to face the feeling of being watched and lied to.


Application area: Around the entire torso.


convinced: Through the bushes, I saw the light.

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