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Purple Robe #016

Purple Robe #016

color: Purple/Purple

when mixed together:Purple

energy center: The seventh energy center (crown chakra)


theme: spiritual surrender

positive personality: A person who is in alignment with the divine plan and bases his life on this idea. Spontaneous "enlightenment experiences" are frequently obtained. Be in the process of your own transformation, but also help others to transform.


Aspects that can be improved: Is a person who likes to suppress others, lack of joy and self-destruction are his hallmarks; has suicidal tendencies. Don't want to be here (meaning don't want to have a physical body). Can't forgive myself. Clinging to old behaviors and patterns. Unable to identify authenticity.

spiritual level: To make you understand that you must give everything to get what you really need or want; and that everything is meaningless and useless unless it is really called in a state of harmony. Build a connection with your true self and recognize your purpose in life.


psychological level: Helps you release old patterns and behaviors, as well as self-destructive tendencies.


emotional level: Protect children who are about to go to school. Helps overcome sadness and thoughts of not wanting to be here. Positive implications of cognitive dissociation.


Application area: Along the entire hair edge.


convinced: The more I understand my purpose, the brighter my life will be.

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