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Living in the material world #019

Living in the material world #019

color: Red/Purple

when mixed together: Fuchsia

energy center: 1st and 7th Energy Centers (Mahadha and Crown Chakras)

theme: generate new energy


positive personality: Live in harmony with yourself, and pass this feeling on to others. Possesses many energies, including psychic energies. Others will feel attracted to him like a magnet. Have a talent for socializing, caring and helping others. Work in other fields, there will be achievements. He will spend money on charitable or spiritual things. The ideas in his conscious and subconscious are in balance.


Aspects that can be improved: A person whose spirituality is overshadowed by material interests and who likes to be the center of attention of others. Can misuse psychic abilities and is full of sexual fantasies. Attachment to the past, constant fatigue, lack of energy.


spiritual level: Awakens kundalini energy. Bring deep calm and fresh breath into your life. Allow new insights to be brought into the inner world in concrete ways such as improving the quality of meditation and insight. Help you to be more able to radiate love and receive love.


psychological level: Enables you to examine the dark side of your personality and then release it. Stimulate new mental energy. Helps release sexual thoughts from the mind.


emotional level: Helps overcome anger, resentment and frustration. Participation and initiative are encouraged. Make you have a new understanding and acceptance of the body. Boost your self-esteem.


Application area: Around the entire lower abdomen; if related to spirituality or psychology, also along the hair edges. It should not be used at dusk and night as it will bring too much energy and cause sleeplessness.


convinced: I say yes to life and to myself.

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