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Jade Emperor #088

Jade Emperor #088

Name of the bottle: Jade Emperor

Number: #088


color:green Blue

when mixed together:blue-green


energy center: The fourth and fifth energy centers (heart and throat chakras)


Theme: Love of Nature


positive personality: I have deep peace inside and want to share this feeling with others. A special concern for the harmony of the world. Is a warrior of truth who loves life and nature. Be able to go with the flow of your feelings. is a writer, poet and painter who lives through creative expression. Has a keen rationality, and at the same time can use the "heart" to understand others. Encourage others to grow and create space for them to grow. Love the inner and outer journey. Follow your heart and walk the spiritual path with clarity and determination.


Aspects that can be improved: Difficulty feeling in male typical roles (inner and outer) and expressing truth and emotion. Feeling cheated, especially in matters related to the "heart". Hold high standards and criticize those who do not live up to them. (This applies to all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.)


spiritual level: Helps you get in touch with all aspects of yourself, focus on your own truth and help find peace.


psychological level: Unblocks creativity blocks and helps overcome psychological conflicts related to envy and envy (one's own feelings and projections of others.)


emotional level: Helps solve difficult problems in relationships. Remove emotional barriers. Show your true emotions. Help open to a love and understanding of nature and create the space necessary to regain balance.


Application area: Around the entire chest, throat and neck.


convinced: I open myself to the love of nature.

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