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Splendid Vision #070

Splendid Vision #070

bottle name: splendid scene

Product number: 0070


color: Yellow/transparent color

when mixed together: pale yellow

energy center: The third energy center (solar plexus, stomach chakra)


theme: for greater clarity


positive personality: He is a sincere person with strong rationality and empathy. Possess knowledge brought from the past, interested in philosophy. Find joy in meditation. Know yourself very well. Patient, active, and loves being in nature. Can talk deeply about inner experiences.

Aspects that can be improved: Afraid of expressing oneself, so there is a tendency to avoid real life. Is an inactive person who likes to be alone. He hides his talents and appears with a super rational attitude.


spiritual level: Helps you connect with the Protoss world and removes your confusion about that. Provide protection. Overcome lethargy. To help you gain insight, especially into the nature of consciousness.


psychological level: Remove psychological confusion and intellectual self-satisfaction. Brings you joy, especially in the process of thinking. Connect you with your inner wisdom. Helps integrate newly acquired knowledge.


emotional level: Awaken ambition (positive). Helps cope with loneliness and find fulfillment.


Application area: Around the entire solar plexus (gastric chakra).


convinced: By opening myself to joy, I realized something.

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