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Unconditional Love #081

Unconditional Love #081

bottle name: unconditional love

Number: #081


color: pink/pink

when mixed together:Pink


energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)

theme: self-acceptance


positive personality: An intuitive and focused personality trait that is evident in everything he does. Bring warmth, tenderness, and intuition into action. There is compassion, and it can also be expressed. Can give love and receive love easily. Has a strong feminine side. Help others overcome difficult situations. Connect with inner feelings and be able to follow them. Is a person with a very benevolent temperament and great energy.


Aspects that can be improved: Longing for love. Feeling persecuted. Deny the existence of the female part. Feeling not getting warmed. There is no action, only passive reaction. Always seems to be on the defensive. Trouble arises because the person does not follow their intuition.


spiritual level: Open your heart to unconditional love. Translate messages from intuition into everyday life.


psychological level: To help those who grew up without a mother find their inner maternal energy. To enable those who are having difficulties in a relationship to find a solution.


emotional level: To inspire self-acceptance.


Application area: Around the stomach and abdomen.


convinced: I love me the way I am.

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