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Drifter #046

Drifter #046

color: green/purple

when mixed together: Deep emerald green

energy center: Fourth and seventh energy centers (heart and crown chakras)


theme: new love

positive personality: Is a loyal person who lives a centered life; despite the ups and downs in life, he still trusts the operation of the entire universe. "Work hard and play hard" means that no matter what the task is, it will be done perfectly and thoroughly. Love gardens. Carrying love within can help others open their hearts. There is a connection with the "inner child", which may be engaged in the work of midwifery, concrete or abstract.


Aspects that can be improved: Possess each other extremely in love. May be addicted to love and sex. Wanting to fall in love over and over again, but never really loving. This person's life is governed by patterns that they do not want to face. Feeling helpless and powerless due to jealousy and envy. Don't understand the feeling of trust. When you want to do anything for yourself, you always need someone else's permission.


spiritual level: Helps you develop spiritual practice (for example, doing meditation regularly), and develop spiritual strength. Make it easier for you to reach higher goals. Help users develop compassion and encourage doing whatever needs to be done for themselves.


psychological level: Enhances creativity and an optimistic outlook on life. Eradicate addictive habits and dependent behaviors. Heals various limiting patterns in childhood, especially childish feelings of jealousy.


emotional level: Letting go of envy, jealousy and possessive behavior. Bring new, positive directions into the emotional world. Help forgive yourself and others. To ease the pain after love is crushed.


Application area: around the heart; if you have menstrual problems, also apply around the stomach and abdomen.


convinced: In the garden of my heart, I see the fountain.

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