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Dolphins #033

Dolphins #033

bottle name: Dolphin/Peace with Purpose

color: royal blue/turquoise

when mixed together:Royal blue

energy center: Fourth and sixth energy centers (heart chakra and third eye)


theme: peaceful communication

positive personality: Is an artist working for peace, connected with intuition and inner guidance. Work hard to achieve your purpose in life. A reformer who does not allow authority or authority figures to oppose his goals. At the same time, he is a gentle and caring person who wants to bring heaven to earth. Ability to reach out to other fields. I love nature. To be able to laugh at the mysteries of life.


Aspects that can be improved: is a martyr. not being able to understand oneself. No commitment or involvement in anything. Want someone to take care of you. Currently still suffering from a bad relationship with his father. Have a deep love, but can't express it. Feel uncomfortable in crowds.


spiritual level: Help you find inner beauty through meditation. Build connections with other fields. Make the process of self-discovery easier.


psychological level: Help you better understand the meaning of dreams, gain awareness from it, and gain more power from awareness. Let you have original ideas.


emotional level: Helps release feelings of isolation, extreme insecurity and shyness. Enables you to give yourself the nourishment and maternal care you need.


Where to use: Neck and jawline, along hair edges, forehead above eyebrows, and around throat, also around entire chest.


convinced: Peace is what I strive for.

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