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Wellspring #031

Wellspring #031

color: Green/Gold

when mixed together: olive green

energy center: Third and fourth energy centers (solar plexus and heart chakra)


theme: Overcoming Deep Fears

positive personality: Have diplomatic ability, treat people with heart, and build a good team spirit. Accept responsibility not as a burden but as a joy. Has the ability to teach, loves art and science. Build a bridge between the two. Know how to create space inside and out. Many fears have been overcome. Have confidence in God and in yourself. I love nature very much and connect with gods and creatures on earth.


Aspects that can be improved: I don't know what trust and happiness are. Feeling isolated from the world. Want to get something back from everything. Manipulated by hidden fears and emotions. Rarely punctual, deliveries are often delayed.


spiritual level: To help you get in touch with the "sunshine in your heart" which means finding inner happiness. Open the door to your inner prison. Make you more alert and get in touch with the gods and the earth creatures at the same time.


psychological level: Helps stabilize the mind after trauma. Dispel chaos and give hope. Connecting you to your inner truth.


emotional level: Applicable to the moment when making decisions with "heart". Add joy to boring life. Supports you in letting go of fears and traumatic experiences, including fear of speaking in general.


Application area: Around the part between the heart and slightly below the navel.


convinced: I let go of my fear and found the sunshine in my heart.

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