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Crystal Cave/Heart Vial #009

Crystal Cave/Heart Vial #009

bottle name: Crystal Cave/Heart within Heart

color: Turquoise/Green

when mixed together: dark blue green

energy center: The fourth energy center (heart chakra)


theme: one who seeks the truth


positive personality: He is an unselfish person. Connected with his own subconscious mind and inner voice. Discover the hidden secrets of life and be able to interpret them. Have a creative talent for drawing and writing poetry. Learn about philosophy. The mind is full of questions related to human nature. He is a very advanced person, he has the ability to talk about things through the perspective of the universe, so he is an influential person.


Aspects that can be improved: A person with a strong tendency to deceive himself to himself, and to lie or deceive others. Jealous and fond of small talk. Unaware of these weaknesses.


spiritual level: To help you walk out of the brink of hell, overcome loneliness, and also help you reach a state of independence (a feeling of inner integration). Keep spirituality safe. Helpful for the process of going inward with energy and learning to trust yourself.


psychological level: Helps awareness of self-deception. Orient yourself in a new direction, especially with communication-related issues (for example, facing fears of public speaking).


emotional level: Help you cope with and overcome various emotions, such as strong jealousy, idealized love, old emotional entanglement and loneliness.


Application area: Apply to the whole chest area.


convinced: In the process of finding the truth, I listen to my inner voice.

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