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bottle name:cup

Number: #077


color: Transparent/purple

when mixed together: Lavender


energy center: Including all energy centers, can be applied all over the body

theme: The power of light becomes the power of life


positive personality: Is an athlete or sportsman with spiritual interests. Will question myself. Possesses extraordinary charisma and persuasiveness; can bring clarity into unclear situations. With a Christlike consciousness within. Able to fit into the laws of the universe and the plan of God. Get in touch with the love "from above".


Aspects that can be improved: Excessive need for love. Don't change even if you know the importance of change. Always defend your actions. Unable to accept being loved. Manipulating others to get the love you want, but not satisfied with the love you get. This person is extremely demanding of perfection in every area of life. It is possible to be extreme about "sex".


spiritual level: Bring divine love to the world. By stimulating the psychological level, this bottle can help you develop spiritually; meaning that it can improve your discernment. Help you get a clear message from "above".


psychological level: Reveal your characteristics. Helps you to put your own interests aside and put the interests of the group first.


emotional level: Release the need to justify yourself. Bring overblown ideals back to reality, especially when it comes to relationships. Inspire the ability to laugh at yourself.


Application area: everywhere in the body.


convinced: I let go of fantasies and can see clearly.

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