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Wisdom Rescue Bottle #090

Wisdom Rescue Bottle #090

The name of the bottle: Wisdom Rescue Bottle

Number: #090


color: Gold/deep purple

when mixed together: deep purple


energy center: Third and all energy centers (solar plexus and other energy centers)

theme: Embrace Your Own Chaos


positive personality: is a teacher (even if not working in education) who has addressed the deepest inner confusion. Even when you don't want to, you can also radiate joy to others. Learn about the power of divine love. It is as if the person found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow containing ancient wisdom that is now available for circulation. The rainbow symbolizes the peace treaty between God and man after the flood. It means that the person has been able to live in peace with God. Inside is hope for the future.


Aspects that can be improved: The whole mind is filled with fears related to self-worth. Want to have personal power very much and work very hard to get it. Use tactics that create fear in others to influence and manipulate others. Feeling confused, not knowing what to do with yourself, but pretending to be nonchalant on the surface. Reject the wisdom that arises from within, because he knows that if he is too wise, he will be responsible for everything.


spiritual level: By bringing love into the little things every day, this bottle helps you reveal your inner wisdom consciously. To help you understand the things of transformation and enhance your loving qualities.


psychological level: Transforming fears of abuse and authority into hopes of joy. Help those who need to do a lot of research to preserve information to be able to use it practically.


emotional level: Even if you are facing adversity, this bottle will inspire your joy. It also helps you to accept what triggers your deep fears, and knowing what you have inside will help you overcome those fears.


Application area: Around the entire stomach and abdomen.


convinced: Out of my chaos comes new order.

  • Method of purchase

    join inLine@Friends instant customer service 

    Special line: 0909-715797 /02-25783442


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