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Smart Bottle #041

Smart Bottle #041

color: Gold/Gold

when mixed together:gold

energy center: The third energy center (solar plexus, stomach chakra)


theme:Digestion and absorption

positive personality: In every aspect of life, he is a farmer, which means that he plows, harvests, lives in harmony with the rhythm of nature, and looks at things from a "natural" perspective. Like to explore. Feel happy. Discover the possibilities of growth in all the trials and adversities. Connect with inner wisdom. Having high expectations for self and others, but not paying attention to whether these expectations are met.


Aspects that can be improved: Head filled with self-doubt and old patterns. Difficulty with material life, especially when it comes to luxuries. Feeling unhappy and having serious inner conflict. Tend to rely on each other in the relationship between men and women. Only focus on your own work, without giving to the outside world. Feeling guilty and blaming others.


spiritual level: Helps you bring more light into all aspects of your personality. Make you get more life energy. Reveal your inner truth. Lead you to speak rightly, behave rightly, and live rightly. Help you gain wisdom from the past.


psychological level: Balance logic and intuition. Improve the ability to care for yourself and others. Allows you to get what you want or need, and to take responsibility for possible consequences after satisfaction.


emotional level: Bring happiness, even bring happiness to happy people. Enables you to overcome grief and deal with chaos constructively. Breathe new life into paralyzed situations. You experience more joy and laughter by dealing with your fears in a constructive way.


Application area: Around the entire solar plexus (gastric chakra).


convinced: At the end of the rainbow, I found the gold I was looking for.

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