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Children of the Stars #020

Children of the Stars #020

color:blue pink

when mixed together:Purple

energy center: All energy centers, it means that this bottle can be applied to various parts of the body


theme: Helps various parts of the body of children, even children of the past


positive personality: An optimist who is able to use his or her optimism in a constructive way. Has a deep inner peace and has been free from fear. Have a good connection with the feminine and intuitive side and be able to express it. Approach life with childlike openness and compassion. Very considerate of others, care about them, take care of them, have touched unconditional love.


Aspects that can be improved: Feeling disconnected from inspiration and love. Questioning, judging, and condemning myself all the time. The mood is unstable and it is difficult to make precise self-assertion. Have a peaceful and loving heart.


spiritual level: Promote reconnection with the soul level. Be united with a love that transforms all things. Promotes spiritual new beginnings and resolves feelings of disillusionment. Aids in the integration of the soul.


psychological level: Support the treatment of "inner child" and help the balance of male and female energies. Helps solve problems that arise in childhood (for both adults and children). Help a person actually get what he needs.


emotional level: Helps with feelings of lack of love that affect and change the pattern of all emotions. Can provide support in difficult situations. Help a person reach his intuition through love.


Application area: Can be applied on all parts of the body. For babies who are erupting milk teeth, it can be applied to the upper and lower jaws, as well as the entire neck. For external use only!


convinced: To love is to let go of fear.

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