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Sunrise/Sunset Bottle #005

Sunrise/Sunset Bottle #005

bottle name: Sunrise/Sunset

color: yellow/red

when mixed together: crimson

energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)


theme: Helps you use existing energy wisely

positive personality: It has a lot of energy and can express all of these energies. Lively and with a personality. The physical side of life works just fine. Exudes an aura of joy that makes those around you feel comfortable. have the qualities of a teacher.


Aspects that can be improved: Feeling insecure and not trustworthy. Has messianic tendencies, but doesn't want to develop them. To be ruled by fear in a sexual relationship, but on the other hand wish life was one big party. There is existential fear, repressed anger. It is difficult to form relationships with others in private life.


spiritual level: Helps you distinguish between good and evil, and develop spiritual magnanimity. Let users know that through joy (your own joy, and the joy conveyed to others) can also awaken the soul.


psychological level: Support the learning process and help you build a conceptual framework.

emotional level: Bring repressed anger to the surface and discover its original cause. Helps with the fear of going on stage. Enables you to become clearer and able to find joy, security, and deep relationships (including sexual relationships).

Application area: The content of this bottle is especially related to the first energy center, so it must be spread around the carcass as low as possible, that is: around the entire lower abdomen.

convinced: In my life, I want to open myself to receive joy.


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