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A New Beginning of Love #021

A New Beginning of Love #021

color: Green/Pink

when mixed together:dark green

energy center: The first and fourth energy centers (root chakra and heart chakra)

theme: new love


positive personality: A man of the highest awareness and a truly mature personality who loves both God and man. Is someone who gives and receives love and communicates it in a constructive way. Ability to recognize and realize your dreams. Be aware of what you want to achieve and work towards it. A man who is needed by others, he knowsLove is the foundation of life. A man who helps the world run its course.


Aspects that can be improved: Lack of self-love, feeling unloved, constantly looking for love. Never been loved the way I wanted. Is a dreamer who feels torn apart and disconnected from God, always feeling more important than he really is. Refuse to accept the lessons of life. Dissatisfied with your current situation, but unable to change it.


spiritual level: Help to recognize that love for God is expressed in love for people. Helps overcome resistance, let go of struggle, and find the joy and devotion of love.


psychological level: Help you connect with your purpose in life, provide space to make new plans, establish new behavior patterns and love yourself again. Help you overcome your current predicament.


emotional level: To help you recognize the love that already exists in your life. Balance giving and receiving in the field of love. Make it easier for you to understand dreams. It also helps you face the consequences of being too aggressive outside.


Application area: Around the whole heart.


convinced: The world is in my hands.

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