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New Messenger #049

New Messenger #049

color: Turquoise/Purple

when mixed together: Deep purple with blue-green spots

energy center: Fourth and seventh energy centers (heart and crown chakras)


theme:Expression of emotion

positive personality: I am a flexible and creative person, with many new ideas, very motivated. Concept of rhythm, sequence and timing, and a gift for speaking. Often works in mass media. Combine spirituality with a pragmatic approach, especially spirituality with love. Can share feelings with others; understand that the strengths and weaknesses seen in others actually reflect those parts of themselves.


Aspects that can be improved: Constantly looking for a perfect relationship, so I often miss the existing opportunities. Is a man who loses his nerve, withdraws a bit from guilt. Difficulty sharing (money, feelings, anything). It feels difficult to change the status quo. Allow others to trample on you.


spiritual level: Enables you to more clearly recognize the path you want to take, and to talk about spiritual matters with others. Helps overcome utopianism and excessive idealism. Inspire you to deeply understand the need for change, and thus dissolve the disappointment that some changes bring.


psychological level: Helpful for people who have trouble with authority. When the analytical mind is too strong, this bottle will effectively balance it. Helps you connect with authenticity, trust, insight and a sense of time.


emotional level: Eliminates old guilt and discouragement, especially emotionally heavy memories from childhood. Aids in the beginning of new relationships (also applies to the beginning of relationships professionally).


Application area: around and along the chestApply to the edges of the hair; also around the throat and neck if speech impediment is a problem.

  • Method of purchase

    join inLine@Friends instant customer service 

    Special line: 0909-715797 /02-25783442


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