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Healing in a New Age #015

Healing in a New Age #015

color: Transparent/purple

when mixed together:Purple

energy center: The seventh energy center (crown chakra)

theme: to get your own healing ability


positive personality: A strong and authoritative person with spiritual power. Stand up for what you believe in, even in the most adverse circumstances. Live a life that is truly spiritual and grounded in the earth. Help others, especially help them become aware of their own illusions. All kinds of negative and nameless fears have been overcome. Have learned to resist temptation.


Aspects that can be improved: In all areas of life, there is difficulty in perceiving the dark side of oneself and finding out the truth. Obsessed with substances, sex and other addictions, easily distracted and self-harming. He doesn't love himself very much and often needs compliments from others. Believes that evil comes from "outside" and that he is the only unfortunate one.


spiritual level: Helps you get the power to heal (for yourself and for others). Promote understanding of spiritual matters.


psychological level: Helps overcome sexual self-centeredness. Helps users let go of the idea that they are the only unlucky ones.


emotional level: Help you isolate yourself from chaotic emotions and improve your ability to perceive your true feelings. Familiarize yourself with your dark side and let go of negative emotions. Reduce fear of others.


Application area: Along the hair edges and around the head.


convinced: The more light I let in, the more I can be healed.

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