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Wisdom in a New Age #014

Wisdom in a New Age #014

color: Transparent/golden yellow

when mixed together:Golden

energy center: The third energy center (solar plexus)


theme: Becoming a Clear Channel to Wisdom

positive personality: A person who is inspired and very important pioneer in the new age and united with his own inner wisdom. Spread the idea of harmony and balance. A deep joy can be felt. Gain a deep understanding of the forces of nature. Is a clear-headed person who can learn from past mistakes and gain wisdom.


Aspects that can be improved: A person who is unbalanced about himself and his life. Behavior is very negative, so it creates chaos everywhere. Overwhelmed by a sense of fear, but not knowing what to be afraid of.


spiritual level: Help connect with your guardian angel. Reduce the fear of expectations. Bring you support and positive energy. Helping you understand that you don't need to set your goals too high, and that going step by step will be the safest and fastest way to progress.

psychological level: To build a bridge between consciousness and subconsciousness, which is extremely helpful for dream interpretation. Make you more courageous to see clearly the plight of life. At the same time, it helps you release unpleasant memories.


emotional level: Keeps you centered during times of turmoil. Especially in the face of common fears and expectations, strengthen the return to the "heart" and emotional level.


Application area: Part of the entire solar plexus (gastric chakra).


convinced: The more I let go of my fears, the more I open up to the truth within me.


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