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Changes in a New Era #013

Changes in a New Era #013

color: Transparent/Green

when mixed together:green

energy center: The fourth energy center (heart chakra)


theme: space associated with transformation and change

positive personality: A leader who imparts knowledge clearly and kindly, while at the same time confirming his vision. I like to discover new things in life. Have a deep knowledge of astrology, but don't learn it very intellectually, but approach it more from the "heart" feeling. I love nature. This bottle can be used to support people on the brink of death.

Aspects that can be improved: Stuck in negative patterns and emotional dilemmas. My mind is full of thoughts that I can't forgive myself. Difficult to make a decision.


spiritual level: Help you live in the present and let go of the past. Helps release fear of death and helps integrate messages from higher levels of awareness.


psychological level: Help forgive yourself. Make past memories less important so you can live in the present.


emotional level: Helps you release some emotions and stuck emotions to bring you peace and joy. Helps to adjust emotional issues and decide what to keep and what to let go.


Application area: The whole chest.


convinced: In every end there is a new beginning.

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