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Peace in a New Age #012

Peace in a New Age #012

bottle name: Peace in a new age

color: Transparent/Blue

when mixed together:blue

energy center: The fifth energy center (throat chakra)


theme: Peaceful, friendly communication

positive personality: A person who is peaceful and responds with the feeling of "heart". There is a deep connection to one's senses and instinctive intellect. Moisturize and move others while feeling deeply connected to them. Be aware of your creative talents; feel guided and be able to talk about this feeling and intuitive insight. Have a talent for writing.


Aspects that can be improved: Is a person who is not in touch with spiritual aspects and is self-centered. It is likely that he is aware of the spiritual truth within himself, but does not practice it because it makes life easier that way. Feeling superior to others, arrogant, lacking inner peace, having difficulty communicating, and needing to be cared for and nourished by others.


spiritual level: To help you find the courage you need to live in spiritual truth. Establish a connection and soul alignment with divine guidance. Brings out the qualities of meditation, peace and serenity.


psychological level: Reduce the sense of self-centeredness, and introduce the feeling of integration and stability. Helps children who have difficulty learning language and expressions.


emotional level: Encourages the release of deep emotions, helps you regain peace and connect with your inner voice. Helps with issues of dependence or interdependence.


Application area: A circle around the neck.


convinced: The calmer I am, the more light I will receive.

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