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Harvest #042

Harvest #042

color: yellow/yellow

when mixed together:yellow

energy center: The third energy center (solar plexus, stomach chakra)


theme: Spontaneity and Joy Linked

positive personality: A benevolent, harmonious "sunshine" character. This can also be reflected in his actions. Follow the flow of nature, follow the flow of life. Positively speaking, there is no conditioning on him. Find your own way in living the most varied life. It is easy to absorb information and apply them to work.


Aspects that can be improved: Constantly looking for a new self, but never made any changes. Failed to rely on the mind for everything. Lack of sweetness in life, so excessive sweet tooth; unhappy, and long-term focus on future events instead of living in the here and now.


spiritual level: Helps you experience more joy and self-realization. Promote awakening. Bring light into the shadows of your personality. Point out what your heart really wants to pursue.


psychological level: Relieves feelings of limitation and neurotic depression. Inspires reason to absorb information; but also helps to balance the phenomenon of excessive rationality and rationality taking over. Make the decision-making process easier.


emotional level: Stimulates "higher feelings" (love, warmth, compassion, etc.). Eliminate emotional clutter. Empowering freedom after release of fear brings joy.


Application area: Around the entire solar plexus. When experiencing seasonal blues (usually during the winter months), apply along the edges of the hair.


convinced: From outer knowledge I create inner knowledge.

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