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hug a tree #010

hug a tree #010

bottle name: to hug a tree

color: Green/Green

when mixed together:green

energy center: The fourth energy center (heart chakra)

theme: to help make a decision


positive personality: A person who only leads but does not control the other party, giving others room to grow. Caring about human problems from the bottom of my heart. Recognize what needs to be done and get it done. Gains are found even in losses. Is a good listener, works hard on himself, is honest, truly independent, and goes with the flow of fate. To be able to understand real creativity. There is a deep connection with nature.


Aspects that can be improved: My mind is overly filled with the past and the future, and my mind is a bit withdrawn. Not down to earth. Not creating the necessary space, resources, or vision for yourself. Live outside the rhythm of nature and life. Failing to understand the importance of spiritual development.


spiritual level: Helps you to be honest and remove karma. To make you understand that external changes are caused by internal changes. Stabilizes the astral body (the deepest level) and expands it.


psychological level: To help users realize that they need to work hard on themselves. Bring clarity into psychological distress. Provides inner peace and protects you from external shocks.


emotional level: It is suitable for finding new space and new insights; especially when things are not going well, it helps you find the ability to stand up bravely.


Application area: The entire chest area.


convinced: I have enough space to get what needs to be done.

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