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Lyric Poet/Hope #017

Lyric Poet/Hope #017

color: Green/Purple

when mixed together:dark green

energy center: The fourth and fifth energy centers (heart and throat chakras)


theme: A heart in healing

positive personality: Interested in spirituality and the mysteries hidden in life. Experience joy through loving people and helping people connect with their spirit. Is someone who gives a lot, is a good listener and really understands people. So people can easily accept his advice. Strive for integration and freedom. He is a person who bravely pursues the truth, and often accepts the test of truth. Possess a clear perspective and the ability to look forward to the future.


Aspects that can be improved: Easy to feel sorry for yourself. Feel misunderstood. Unreliable, hopeless, and not even worth living. Self-doubt despite having enough ability.


spiritual level: Helps you connect with your higher self and psychic abilities. Expand the spiritual level. Gives you the ability to speak about spiritual experiences.


psychological level: Improve the ability to handle time. Helps you get in touch with truth when emotions cloud the mind. expand the realm of the mind.


emotional level: Suitable for overcoming feelings of being misunderstood. Remove the impression branded on yourself. Helps revive exhausted vitality. Healing for grief after a breakup.


Application area: Apply all over the chest. If the problem is related to the spiritual or psychological aspects, it should also be applied along the edge of the hair.


convinced: I seek and seek the truth.

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