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Bring Heaven to Earth #030

Bring Heaven to Earth #030

color:blue red

when mixed together:Purple

energy center: 1st and 5th energy centers (Mahadha and Throat Chakras)

theme: Gain energy through communication


positive personality: Turn ideas into actions. See things clearly, with extraordinary insight. Usually a teacher of spiritual or physical training (yoga, martial arts, etc.). The masculine and feminine energies are in harmony. Know what is the "quality of life": not only pay attention to the result, but also the process of completion.


Aspects that can be improved: Having rigid and fixed thoughts. Competitive, resentful, clinging to old things. Feelings of inferiority, especially in terms of intellectual abilities. Show off your achievements. Can't express enthusiasm. It's hard to stay calm.


spiritual level: Open up new dimensions for psychic abilities. After meditation, so that you are still rooted in the earth. Connect the head and abdomen. Helps you connect with your purpose in life. Experience talks (in small groups or large public settings) that inspire the expression of spirituality.

psychological level: Slow down the hyperactivity of the mind. Let go of frozen thoughts. Give courage and help you express creativity and enthusiasm bravely.


emotional level: Brings calm. Allow yourself to express repressed anger while healing your "inner child." Help overcome feelings of depression.


Application area: Around the whole body. Also apply to hair edges when having spiritual issues or headaches.


convinced: The head is in the sky, the feet are on the ground, and the center flows freely.

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