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"I am" #040

"I am" #040

color: red/gold

when mixed together:red

energy center: 1st and 3rd energy centers (root chakra and solar plexus)


theme: self-actualization or self-knowledge

positive personality: There is deep wisdom inside and can express it. Being very close to the moment of awakening means that the person has come a long way in their self-discovery. When planning, we will first measure the existing opportunities and then realize them as much as possible. Feel harmonious and healthy both physically and mentally. Usually a successful businessman enjoying his job. Present a good image externally. I love ecology. Be creative and self-reflect frequently.


Aspects that can be improved: Is a dominating person who makes others feel intimidated. Guilt within. Have inner conflict, not being true to oneself; judge and blame others at the same time. Often feel misunderstood. Is a childish person. There are sexual issues. Find yourself having difficulty expressing yourself especially sexually.


spiritual level: Encourages you to connect with the energy of the earth. To enable sexual energy to be further applied to spiritual work. Helps you perceive the richness of your own soul and that of others. Turn meditation into action. Awaken the Christlike energy.


psychological level: Resolving psychological conflicts, especially when related to anticipated fears. Applicable to working through dependence, codependency, or certain types of addictions, while helping you identify your true responsibilities.


emotional level: Relieves fear, frustration, fright and feelings of being misunderstood. Help you connect with joy. Good for overcoming childish emotions and fears especially those related to money and health. Alleviating guilt and blaming others for their faults. Helps you free yourself from old and restrictive patterns.


Application area: The part of the body between the solar plexus (gastric chakra) and the root chakra.


convinced: I say yes to life.

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