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Family System Arrangement

Family System Arrangement

A Practical and Comprehensive Systematic Training Collection

I have been in contact with the system arrangement for more than 20 years, and have done nearly ten thousand cases. Every time I see the transformation of individual cases, families and enterprises, I am very moved. I really feel that this is a very meaningful job. Unexpectedly, a small vow to introduce the culture of systematic arrangement to Asia has changed the fate of so many people. What is gratifying is that more and more talents are gradually participating in this life-serving cause.

Having worked in helping others for more than 20 years, I have seen many professional helpers suffer from professional fatigue, lack of sense of accomplishment, often encounter setbacks, extinguish their original enthusiasm, and even want to give up. But I find that the more I do it, the happier I am, and the joy of growth I feel. I feel that the work I do is the happiest job in the world, especially seeing the gains and changes of the case. This kind of work can really help the case. The feeling makes people feel gratified and has a sense of accomplishment.

Through tens of thousands of case experiences, I found that this has a lot to do with the mentality and method of the helper, and this is the core spirit and mentality I learned from the system arrangement - doing nothing, systematic thinking, and perception of system motivation , the experience of the interconnection of all things, and the perception of respecting everything that is so—at this time, you are not using your own strength, you are just a part of the whole, and the power of the big life is pushing you. How can your heart be tired? The more you do it, the happier you will be, and the more you will work harder, because you will be continuously nourished in the process of doing it. Here I really hope that all helpers and educators, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers, coaches, counselors, caregivers, therapists, religious teachers, business management consultants, etc., can learn the systematic arrangement of helping others. Combining the spirit, mentality and method with your original major, you will feel even more powerful, and feel that helping others is a very fulfilling thing.

Of course, it is a powerful method, which reveals many mysteries of life in the universe, so those who want to engage in system arrangement work must take a respectful and cautious attitude, because a sharp sword has double edges, making it easy to handle, If you don't make it well, you will hurt yourself. Therefore, an excellent systematic arranger is not only about skills, but more importantly, the cultivation of connotation, and this requires good teachers, professional training, time tempering, case honing, and continuous improvement. . I once made a wish to train a group of excellent arrangers, and now it has been realized one after another. If you seem to have a calling in your heart: "This is what I want to do!" Welcome to join the ranks of helping others in system work. Because we have the most solid courses, everyone learns systematically. The teacher demonstrates in class, instructs everyone on how to operate and corrects them on the spot. Everyone learns how to complete individual cases and host workshops. Arrangers who pass the assessment can accept Supervisor, the supervisor will guide you how to face the difficult cases you encounter. Because of the rigorous training attitude, the arrangers certified by TAOS Daoshi International System Arrangement Academy are highly recognized in the industry.

There are very few teaching materials for training arrangers in the world. This book is written for those who want to become arrangers, and it is also written for all helping workers. It is a very practical and comprehensive book of systematic arrangement training. The designated textbook for the Arranger Exam. This book starts with the introduction to systematic arrangement and the key mentality, and teaches you one by one how to develop the four core competencies necessary for an arranger—knowledge, skills, observation, perception, and practical ability, to help you master the core knowledge and techniques of systematic arrangement; Dealing with common issues in the family has been compiled into eight specific and operable templates, so that helpers can effectively deal with common issues in the family. At the same time, actual cases of different themes are selected, so that readers can personally see how the teacher arranges the work and analyzes the cases incisively. In addition, there are specific practices of the workshop, how to guide group exercises, Q&A frequently asked by participants, etc. The content is very complete and practical, and it can be called the first unprecedented complete training book in the industry. Please be sure to study carefully and cooperate with the actual operation. I believe that the work of system arrangement can definitely be improved to a certain extent.

The completion of this book is first of all thanks to Mr. Heininger, who let me learn the essence of systematic arrangement and have the opportunity to support many people to change their lives; thanks to all my students, teaching and learning make us progress faster; thanks Stone College and all promotion teachers and platforms, because many of you have happier families and more successful careers. At the same time, this book would like to thank Teacher Yufeng and Teacher Daozhen for their careful planning, Teacher Zixuan, Teacher Daogu and Yanfang for sorting out the materials, and all the participants of the Soul Workshop, you made this book published, I believe all readers will Thank you and will benefit many, many people and their descendants.

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