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Love and Reconciliation: A Systematic Arrangement Story of Chinese Families (2nd Edition)

Love and Reconciliation: A Systematic Arrangement Story of Chinese Families (2nd Edition)

●Classic arrangement of the system that has been selling well for many years, newly added analysis of common dynamics of Chinese families.
●The whole book looks at Chinese gender, parents, parent-child, siblings, physical and mental relationship from a systematic arrangement, with 16 wonderful cases and analysis, explaining the deep psychological dynamics among family members.
●Easy to read, with 5 steps of viewing relationships, 12 internal arrangements and exercises, easy to operate and benefit a lot.

The systematic arrangement classics that have been sold for many years
Newly added analysis of common dynamics of Chinese families
Take you to find love, learn to love

Why is it that the closest family members are often the ones who hate the most?
Husband and wife discord, marriage troubles, domestic violence, children and grandchildren's disobedience, sudden death of relatives, relatives' rebellion... In a Chinese family that pays attention to humiliation and family harmony, all kinds of intractable entanglements make the two parties who love each other feel lost and lonely in the end .

"If people want to truly solve the various problems that occur in their lives, they must learn "how to love". Because the power to create problems and the power to solve problems are hidden behind love, but the directions are different."

- Zhou Dingwen


Zhou Dingwen, chairman of the Asian Systematic Arrangement Conference and founder of Daoshi Education, has used "systematic arrangement" to solve many parent-child, gender, parent, and sibling problems in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and other places for more than ten years. This method integrates Chinese and Western cultures, is closely related to Buddhism and Taoism, and also deeply corresponds to Chinese culture. Through the five simple and easy-to-understand rules, you can "find love and learn to love" and regain the happiness and intimacy in your family.

The book includes 5 steps of relationship inspection, 16 real cases and explanations, and 12 internal arrangements and exercises, leading readers to see clearly the crux of the relationship from the perspective of "system view", and specifically demonstrates how to achieve reconciliation by returning to the correct order , Create a new situation for the family.

about the author

■Brief introduction of the author

Zhou Dingwen
Internationally renowned systematic arrangement instructor, the first person to introduce systematic arrangement to the Chinese world, served as the chairman of the Asian System Arrangement Conference, and founded the Taiwan Haininger Institute and Daoshi International Institute of Systematic Arrangement (TAOS). He is often invited to give lectures at international conferences, give lectures at public and private units, and conduct internal training. He is also invited to give lectures by government agencies, the Ministry of Justice, university research institutes, and hospital groups. He has courses on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. He has successfully applied systematic arrangements to personal growth, family relationships, businesses and non-profit organizations, helping people face bottlenecks and find ways to creative development and solutions. He is the author of "Love and Reconciliation: Stories of Systematic Arrangement of Chinese Families", "Understanding Children: The Secret of Mastering Love and Education", "Family Systematic Arrangement: Core Principles, Operational Practices, and Case Analysis" and other books.

product list

Recommended Preface: In the face of relationships, seek reconciliation with love / Xia Huiwen
Author's Preface: Learn "How to Love" and Live a Mature Life
Preface The Mystery of the Law of Relation

An overview of common Chinese family dynamics
home and everything
filial piety first
husband and wife imbalance
ancestor worship


Chapter 1 The Deep Mystery of Relationships

grow through relationships
Learn about system permutations
What is a "system"
Development of Systematic Arrangements
Process and Application of System Arrangement
The Five Laws of Relationships
1. The overall rule
2. Ordinal rule
3. The law of balance
4. The Law of Facts
Five, flow law
view your relationship


Chapter Two Sexual Relations

Men and Women: Different and Complementary Circles
Respect the order and balance the genders
Case: an affair, happened to me
about extramarital affairs
deep fear of abandonment
Acknowledgment and forgiveness of extramarital affairs
law of balance
revenge and reconciliation
●Exercise: practice the law of gender balance
Case: Abortion, the pain in my heart
Effects of Abortion on Partners
How Partners Should Cope With Abortion
Effects of Abortion on Men
Effects of Abortion on Children
how to communicate with your significant other
Inner Alignment: Prayers for Aborted Children
Case: Xi, the support and resistance of the family behind
Loyalty and Conscience
The Law of Flow: The Power of Male and Female Ancestors Behind the Connection
Inner Alignment: Connecting to the Source of Life


Chapter 3 Parental Relationship

Life: the most precious gift
Case: Dad, I actually love you very much──Single-parent family
The Law of Order: From Blind Love to Mature Love
Case: Mom, I'm sorry──Order and figure
Fat woman eats her mom
The law of order: return to your own order to love
Inner Alignment: Reconciling with Mother
Case: I love you Mom, and I love Dad too──Facing parental conflict
diverted domestic violence
Violation of the Order Law: Men's Psychological Incest Dynamics
Inner Alignment: A Word of Gratitude for Life


Chapter 4 Parent-child Relationship

Children: Mirrors of the Family
Systematic arrangement of assistance to children
Case: Children's Symptomatic Behavior──Helping Children Facing Divorce
Overall rule: Divorce of husband and wife, unity of parents
Case: The second labor pain of mother──adolescent child
Let go of the past and make peace with yourself
Law of Facts: Please Don’t Deny Your Child’s Parenthood
●Exercise: Praise the child for being like the other person


Case: Dead leaves fall for sprouts—teaching children to face death

Children will take over unfinished emotions at home
The Law of Flow: Facing Family Trauma
Inner Alignment: Blessings for a Loved One Who Passes Suddenly
Case: The Black Hole of the Family──Children’s Bad Behavior
The Double Law of Wholeness and Sequence: Removing Involvement and Entanglement
who belongs to my family system
●Exercise: Root-seeking journey, drawing a family system diagram


Chapter 5 Siblings and Relatives

Family: Community of Destiny
Case: You are one of us──The sequence of siblings
Wrong sequence, estranged siblings
Effects of losing a sibling
The influence of ex-husbands and ex-wives and ex-partners
Case: Money disputes
unjust enrichment loss
The law of money balance: in addition to win-win, give a little more
Case: Unconscious Conflict ── Harm and Victim
Non-Kindred: Another Group of People Connected to Our Destiny
Holistic Law: Beyond Injurers and Victims
Inner alignment: Harmony, from the heart
●Exercise: complete family system diagram


Chapter 6 The Body-Body Relationship

The mind-body family: a holistic systems view
Case: Love Flows, Heart Beats──Myocardial Infarction
The Law of Flow: Transforming Compensation Mindsets
Inner Alignment: Listening to Your Body's Messages
Case: I want to go home──Depression and panic
The Law of the Whole: Revisiting the "Excluded"
Undertake emotions
Case: One Tragedy Is Enough—Suicide and Rebirth
The Law of Flow: Live Well
Individual Arrangement: Respecting the Family Past and Facing a Bright Future


Chapter 7 Applying the Law of Relation

The Deep Mystery of Relationship: Yuan Yuan Da Ai
start using the law of relationship
Perceive your love, turn it into action
Family Relationship Checklist
into concrete actions

The epilogue awakens the inner strength
●Exercise: act within 48 hours

[Appendix 1] Preparation before participating in the system arrangement
[Appendix 2] Introduction to Daoshi Education Group (TAOS)
[Appendix 3] Further reading

Recommended by all walks of life

◎Joint recommendation
Body and soul healing tutor / Hu Yinmeng
Charming Magazine Publisher, Body and Mind Teacher, Writer / Lai Peixia
Associate Professor / Xie Wenyi, Department of Family Studies and Child Development, Shih Shih University


"Dingwen is the pioneer who spread the systematic arrangement to the general public, and also the pioneer who combined the systematic arrangement with the wisdom of Chinese culture. Therefore, I sincerely recommend this book. I am sure that this book will help readers on the road to a fulfilling life and a successful career. They solve many problems."

--Systematic arrangement developer / Bert Hellinger (Bert Hellinger)


"Through the dense layout and detailed analysis, this book describes the mystery of the entanglement and turning back in the relationship in a simple and simple way. It must be very helpful for partners who want to seek reconciliation with love in the relationship; The demonstration and innovative interpretation of "walking with the Tao" seen in this book can be described as a statement of its own. "

--Founder of Kaiping Catering School and Founder of Relationship Dynamics Academy/Xia Huiwen


Eslite Code/ 2681580550000

ISBN13 / 9789863571193


EAN code / 9789863571193

Binding / paperback

Pages / 296

Language/ Chinese/Traditional

level / none

Number of openings/ 25K

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