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Breath of Love #045

Breath of Love #045

color: Turquoise/Fuchsia

when mixed together:Purple

energy center: 1st, 4th and 7th energy centers (root chakra, heart chakra and crown chakra)


theme: give and receive in love

positive personality: Get in touch with ancient knowledge and know it very well. Is a sensitive person with strong intuition. Love all the beautiful things in life. Creative, yet determined, in touch with her feminine side. Commit to achieving inner balance and renew it frequently. This person's love is closely tied to his purpose in life, which means that he may be engaged in caring for others and genuinely love it. The ability to plan things carefully, and to do them beautifully and pleasingly because of this. Very caring for other people's feelings.


Aspects that can be improved: Clinging to past love while negatively affecting the present situation. The person's emotional blockage hinders sexual ability. Difficulty with self-expression. Tends to experience indirectly due to difficulty expressing emotion. Take on other people's problems and work hard to try to fix them. Ambitious, but retreats because he overestimates his abilities.


spiritual level: Helps you develop compassion and feel unconditional love. Gives you a sense of growth and development. Helps you recognize your superhuman insight and renew your inner strength.


psychological level: Help overcome the consequences of repressing "sex". Inspire creativity. Gives you the ability to distance yourself from all kinds of problems or entanglements.


emotional level: Helps the soul to show its true appearance and express true emotions. Give the emotion a new focus. Helps you get in touch with your emotions so you don't have to keep trying to please others. Encourages you to like yourself more.


Application area: Any part of the body. Especially around the heart when feeling stressed.


convinced: Everything is beautiful as it is.

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