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Wisdom of Love #087

Wisdom of Love #087

Name of the bottle: Wisdom of Love

Number: #087


color: Light Coral / Light Coral

when mixed together: light coral

energy center: The second energy center (dantian)

theme: unrequited love


positive personality: A person who can impart deep insights to others, a medium of love and wisdom. Always pay attention to listening to the voices of others. Works efficiently and often takes on jobs that require a lot of responsibility. Know how to landscaping; enjoy aesthetics. Often feel very joyful. I love nature. Learn about new technologies. Ability to coordinate and consult.


Aspects that can be improved: Repeatedly falling in love with people who are unable to reciprocate their love (because those people are engaged or similar). If love is possible, then this love is unrequited. The promises made to him by others are often not fulfilled (such as parents, friends, etc.). It is likely that there has been experience of abuse. Loss of trust due to having too many unpleasant experiences to face.


spiritual level: To bring the energy of Christ into the user's life in a new and practical way. Helps gain spiritual understanding and connects it with deep joy.


psychological level: Improve efficiency. Makes you see clearly what needs to be done first.


emotional level: Easing the feeling of "no one loves me". Bring self-love into your life and be open to love from without. Helps overcome feelings of disappointment and the fear of not being good enough. Moderate the scare, especially when it's relationship-related.


Application area:entireAround the stomach and abdomen, and along the entire right side of the body—from the right earlobe down to the right ankle.


convinced: I say goodbye to the past and hello to love.

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