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Love and Light #023

Love and Light #023

color: rose pink/pink (this is the only bottle that contains rose pink)

when mixed together:Pink

energy center: 1st and 7th Energy Centers (Mahadha and Crown Chakras)


theme: Rediscover love for yourself

positive personality: An urgent desire to understand oneself and achieve self-knowledge. Accept destiny with a positive and pragmatic attitude. Possesses a lot of power, but shows it in a soft, warm and empathetic way. Has the ability to give and take.


Aspects that can be improved: Have a sense of insecurity. Feeling unloved. Symptoms of illness kept coming one by one, because as a child he was only cared for when he was sick. It has remained in this pattern.


spiritual level: Inspires displays of spiritual strength, energy and harmony. Open the door to unconditional love.


psychological level: Increased self-knowledge. Helps you let go of false self-images and self-illusions.


emotional level: Helps you overcome the frustration and feelings of futility that come with unrequited love. It also helps you remove communication barriers. Great for letting go of guilt and insecurities. Helping you love yourself again after a breakup or divorce.


Application area: The entire lower abdomen. If you are in a major emotional torment, apply it around the whole heart. When there are spiritual or psychological problems, apply along the hair edge.


convinced: I live in harmony with life, and life is also in harmony with me.

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