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Recovery Bottle/Nightingale #025

Recovery Bottle/Nightingale #025

color: Purple/Fuchsia

when mixed together: bright purple

energy center: The seventh energy center (crown chakra)

theme: liberated from disappointment


positive personality: He is a healer who has a lot of energy to give to others, and has the ability to contemplate inwardly. Able to complete the planned tasks. Loves others, gives warmth, and usually works in the field of caring for others. A spiritual reformer and advocate.


Aspects that can be improved: Often feel very disappointed in life. Don't know how to recover from it. May have had a major illness or surgery from which they have not fully recovered.


spiritual level: Opens you up to receive messages from "above". Bringing you the spiritual awareness and strength to accomplish the impossible. Free the user from spiritual utopianism. Let you better understand what is "God's plan".


psychological level: Stimulates creativity. Help you deal with the disappointment you've been carrying around from the past. It also helps you clear out extreme anxiety and wishful thinking.


emotional level: Provides your perceived ability and courage. Helps you overcome your excessive need for sex, love and care.


Application area: Along hair edges and bottoms of feet.


convinced: I let go of my disappointment.

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