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Strong Bottle/ Heart Chakra Bottle #003

Strong Bottle/ Heart Chakra Bottle #003

Name of the bottle: Strong bottle / Heart chakra bottle

Color: Blue/Green

When mixed together: blue-green

Whole Emotional Side of Life Positive Personality: Intuitive. Able to help others find their way. Has the ability to be an artist, teacher, and healer. Awakening of the mind can be achieved through artistic, physical, and especially ecological work.


Potential Aspects for Improvement: Going to extremes to meet the expectations of others. will give vague messages. I don't know how I feel. It's hard to find or create a space in which to grow. Spiritual level: help the soul to grow, and to discover what is the driving force behind the growth of the soul. Create a space where the essence of the soul can express itself.


Mental Level: Enables you to be imaginative and creative. Used in times of frustration, especially externally induced frustration. (Extrinsic means non-genetic, caused by external circumstances or experiences.)


Emotional Level: Get rid of the whole emotional problem, especially in terms of expressing it.


Affirmation: I express love and truth. Unique qualities: part of the energy center group. Equivalent to the heart chakra.


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