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Calm Bottle #002

Calm Bottle #002

Name of the bottle: Peace

color:blue / blue

when mixed together:blue

theme: Get in touch with the true inner peace


positive personality: I love peace and live in harmony with myself. Commit to the pursuit of peace. Make good use of the creativity associated with the Vishuddhi (e.g. with speaking). support others. Whether that person is a man or a woman, has a strong feminine quality, or a very intimate connection with the Eve and Egyptian goddess types. Can be a channel for messages from other planes.


Aspects that can be improved: Difficult to find inner and outer peace, on the one hand there is a problem with the masculine part; on the other hand there is a very lack of nourishing energy (neither receiving it nor giving it). Fear of the unknown.


spiritual level: Helps to get in touch with a deeper level within a person, and at the same time has the ability to become a channel, which means to let information from other levels pass through. Can cleanse your atmosphere.


emotional level: To make transitions easier, such as when dying. A woman is in labor, or in a state of crisis. A force that enables you to enter into stillness; can help you balance during or after emotionally charged situations; can make you feel protected. Help you interpret your dreams.


Application area: Along hair edges, on neck, and between jawline and neck, or all over throat and neck.


convinced: In breathing, inhale peace and exhale peace.

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