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Teen Marion #028

Teen Marion #028

color:green red

when mixed together: crimson

energy center: The first and fourth energy centers (root chakra and heart chakra)


theme:New beginning

positive personality: A pioneer who often sees things with a new, fresh perspective. Also someone who is dependable, happy, and honest with himself. This person has a wealth of knowledge and clarity of thought. Trust your instincts and have the ability to stand up for yourself.


Aspects that can be improved: Allow others to be domineering, like to play the role of a martyr, and let others trample on themselves. Does not trust others easily; often makes wrong decisions, in part because of trust issues. Think that everyone else is against him. Suffer from the conclusion of a breakup or divorce settlement.


spiritual level: Help you break away from old relationships and entanglements, and find new power to change things. Make it all clear to you and help you overcome your self-doubt.


psychological level: Make you look at yourself again. It also makes you firmer and makes it easier to make decisions, while helping you communicate easily with people during the difficult decision-making process.


emotional level: Helps you release the patterns that limit you, especially the parts that allow others to control you. Provide the strength to stand up for yourself. Inspire happy feelings. Helping you open yourself to endless space and freedom after being under the control of others for so long.


Application area: around the entire torso.


convinced: I found the courage to be myself.

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