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Little Fairy's Wife (Titania) #085

Little Fairy's Wife (Titania) #085

bottle name: Wife of the Little Fairy (Titania)

Number: #085


when mixed together: light blue green

energy center: Fourth and fourth and one-half energy centers (heart chakra)


theme: to express repressed emotions


positive personality: I am an artist who truly expresses creativity and lives in it. Put everything you get into art until you feel "empty". (Here "empty" means an important object in some spiritual traditions.) The ability to speak before others have even spoken. Can also communicate in non-verbal means, for example, through artistic expression or through massage. Can work with computers and always know how to operate in this field. Get in touch with your inner guide. Very generous, especially with time.


Aspects that can be improved: The inner emotional conflict has not been resolved. Emotions had to be repressed in childhood. There is a buildup of anger about a variety of things, including an inability to express feelings. Unable to use your rational side because of stuck emotions. Feeling intimidated by the masculine part inside, and sometimes get stuck because of it, badly.


spiritual level: Helps you open yourself to your intuition. Enables you to express your own light and release past blockades, especially when these blockages are related to the inability to talk about spiritual matters.


psychological level: Shows current emotional problems. Helps you express emotions and release stuck complexes.

Applies to fear of the stage, fear of technical instruments (technophobia), and difficulty learning foreign languages.


emotional level: Release fears associated with authority. Allows you to find joy in situations where you used to feel anxious. It also allows you to let go of pent-up fears.


Application area: The entire chest area.


convinced: Life is love. I love life.

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