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bottle name:clown

color: blue/orange

Number: #072


when mixed together: Purple with golden spots

energy center: The second and fifth energy centers (dantian and throat chakra)


theme: Release "Sad Clown"

positive personality: He is a very self-respecting person, and not arrogant. Knowing your own emotional needs creates a sense of independence. All words are spoken from the depths of one's own experience, so they will touch others. His insights and instincts come from deep within and can be realized; for example in the field of art. A man who dedicates himself to his work. Usually this person is an artist, a gardener, or a therapist dealing with "sexual" issues. The ability to receive and give. Can abandon the small self to complete the big self. Has a great sense of humor and exudes harmony and humility. Often stand aside to observe the situation, so always have a new perspective on things.


Aspects that can be improved: Had a deep and almost indescribable shock. A dependent relationship is required. Tendency to indulge in bad habits or drug addiction. Difficulty receiving and expressing affection. Is a childish, defiant person who desperately needs the approval and appreciation of others.


spiritual level: Inspires insight and deep joy. Helps you express your inner truth. Brings peace after a deep spiritual shock. Connect you with true humility.

psychological level: Helps to understand the process of psychological formation. It also makes it easier for you to tell if it is the ego or the higher self that is speaking.


emotional level: It helps to recognize which personality level is speaking at the moment. Enables you to take care of your emotional needs.


convinced: "I solemnly declare to you that those who have not accepted the kingdom of God like children will never enter."

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