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Guardian Angel #044

Guardian Angel #044

color: Lavender/Light blue

when mixed together: lavender

energy center: Fifth and seventh energy centers (throat and crown chakras)


theme: Transform negativity into peace

positive personality: He is a transformed person, he liberates himself and others. Take on the mission of peace, connect with God, and transform God's will and co-creation with God in a pragmatic way. Be aware of your divine light. Is a revealed healer with a connection to your higher self. Communicates with people in a friendly, relaxed and insightful manner. Focused, a great work or team partner. Work hard to achieve your purpose in life, and have fun doing it. There is a connection to the kingdom of angels and the realm of the ethereal body, and it is possible to talk about these subjects.


Aspects that can be improved: Lack of inner peace. Not rooted in the earth. Feeling hopeless about the circumstances and existence of one's own life, and having doubts about God. The difficulties of childhood have not yet been resolved. Self-deception, spending time in wishful thinking, expecting everything to come true, even when it's impossible.


spiritual level: Inspire divine inspiration and get support from "above". Helps you connect with your inner flow while enabling you to trust it. Allows you to find your personal philosophy of life from a fixed structure (such as religion). To unite you with the "oasis of the soul" is to realize that "deep within me there is a place where I can recharge".

psychological level: Helps you integrate all aspects of your life. Open your mind to "higher intellect"; for example: ESP. Grounds you to the earth and helps to undo old patterns.


emotional level: Brings you joy and a clear motivation that does not come from ego desires. Release the pain caused by being too self-centered. Resolve childhood trauma and physical, psychological or sexual violence.


Application area: Around throat and along hair edges.


convinced: I let go and at the same time don't expect anything.

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