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Guardian angel descends to earth #037

Guardian angel descends to earth #037

color:purple blue

when mixed together: deep purple

energy center: Fifth and seventh energy centers (throat and crown chakras)



positive personality: Follow your own ideals. Have practice, inspiration, and good intuition. This person's behavior shows how successful and efficient his life is. Both are engaged in activities related to the mind. You may have to take on a lot of responsibilities, but that doesn't cause problems or difficulties. A comprehensive vision of the future can be seen. with noble intentions. Want to create a sense of beauty and teach aesthetics to others.


Aspects that can be improved: Responsibility rests heavily on this person's shoulders. Do not want to face life. Wanting to "go home" means that the person has suicidal intentions. On the other hand, very narcissistic. The main purpose of life has not yet been found. Manipulates others, but also idealizes them.


spiritual level: Stimulate meditation energy. Help you transform. Moisturizes and protects. Helps open higher energy centers. Let you enter deep inner peace and realize the true spiritual meaning and direction of life.


psychological level: Brings clarity into thought and speech. Helps you get in tune with your own male typical role. Create a connection with your inner rhythm.


emotional level: To help you through moments of deep depression with encouragement and support, and to help those who are willing to let go of old emotional patterns. Makes you more capable of adjusting yourself to your inner and outer environment, and reduces suicidal thoughts.


Application area: Along hair edges and around throat/neck.


convinced: I fill the cup so that it may overflow into the world.

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