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Actress #066

Actress #066

bottle name:actress

Product number: 0066


color: Lavender/Pale pink

when mixed together: lavender

energy center: 1st and 7th Energy Centers (Mahadha and Crown Chakras)


theme: Surround yourself with beauty


positive personality: A brave, peace-loving, and happy person. Standing back is to give others a chance too. Smart and have a strong sense of responsibility. Supportive, loyal and affectionate. Try to find your true self. Has a lot of maternal energy (positive). Use your feminine intuition to help others. Knowing that there are various roles to play in life, this person plays them all very well without over-identifying with them.


Aspects that can be improved: Extremely sensitive, easily hurt, often retreats. Difficulty deciding what is important. There are various difficulties in childhood, mainly with parents. Probably not wanting to live here (meaning not wanting to have a physical body). Tendency to be overly idealistic.


spiritual level: To help those who care about outer beauty also find inner beauty. Let you fulfill your true purpose in this life and give you the strength to do it.


psychological level: Helps you distance yourself from possessiveness and delusions while constructively using the energies that have been involved.


emotional level: Makes you more receptive to love. This bottle can really make you see people clearly, especially parents. It frees you from your parents so that it is possible to integrate yourself.


Application area: Entire stomach and around abdomen and along hair edges.


convinced: I focus on the person on the stage of my life.

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