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Angel Gabriel #068

Angel Gabriel #068

bottle name: Angel Gabriel

Product number: 0068


color:Blue Purple

when mixed together:Royal blue

energy center: Fifth, sixth and seventh energy centers (throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra)


theme: peace and spiritual understanding


positive personality: An artist who brings ideals into the material world. It could be a healer, therapist, social worker, or spiritual teacher. Is a good administrative organizer who can get along well with people. Focused, patient, warm, helping others transform. Be good at expressing yourself. Live in a new philosophy of spirituality that combines psychic abilities and spirituality. This person's relationships are active and unconventional, both in friendships and at work. is a man who brings peace.


Aspects that can be improved: Speak without thinking. Can't show emotion, is a loner, doesn't know how to relate to people. Even being an adult and still behaving like a teenager. Difficulty with fathers and authoritarianism. Inability to express spirituality. Feeling guilty, feeling as though there is a debt to pay, most likely a karmic debt. Pretend to be brave even when you are very scared.


spiritual level: Support the process of metamorphosis. Bring focus and peace into spiritual problems. Helps you understand your ideals and then empowers you to manifest them.


psychological level: Make you organize your thoughts before you speak out. Helping you break away from tradition, liberate yourself and build your own philosophy. Improve planning and organizing skills, and make your ideas acceptable in the group.


emotional level: Helps you see the emotional side with a more authentic look. Helps you integrate the male typical role (father).



Application area: Around throat and along hair edges.


convinced: I go to finish what needs to be done so that new beginnings are possible.

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