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Archangel Samael #102

Archangel Samael #102

color: Deep olive green/deep purple

when mixed together:

theme: Oh - alive (O-live). In times of difficulty, our inner hope is rescued.Archangel Samael reminds us not to reject what we don't want to see.


Application area:From below the breastbone to around the belly.especially when there is a significant emotional or stress headache,Apply to the back of the head and around the top of the head as well,Remarkable effect.


The point of this bottle:Archangel Samael has always been described as one of the most beautiful archangels. Like Metatron, it is said to have twelve wings. He has the attributes of a planet, Mars, and is also known as the "Angel of Death" or "Poison of God". In the tarot card system, his attribute is the tower. In the system of spiritual paints, it is associated with purple/purple and light blue/yellow. Samael came to help us see where our wrong values are and how we need to face them. Samael brings the possibility of new hope associated with changing existence.


Features of this bottle: In the entire spiritual oil series, this is the first color that appears on the upper layer. It represents the possibility of deepening female intuition. This hue may be a guiding light of hope for the future. There are many things that we have to face in relation to making decisions and direction in our life journey.Deep burgundy and olive green suggest a state of perfect balance. Olive green and fuchsia are opposite colors on the color wheel.

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